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Mindfulness and Gong Meditation – Healing the Inner Child Workshop 

Saturday 9th June 2018 – 12.30 – 3pm £35



This workshop is a light introduction to your Inner-child. It will help and allow you to reconnect to your natural state of joy and creativity.  Let go of self-limiting beliefs, let go of memories and data that no longer serves you or your growth.

You will experience the Nurturing of your inner being and embrace your true self-love.  Affirming your inner child and giving yourself permission to live the life you know you deserve.

This will be through breathing techniques, self-awareness practices and guided meditation to; harmonize the energies of your Higher-self, Your-self and your inner-child/adolescent in this unique mindfulness session with Symone.

Gong Meditation

In this workshop Joh will continue to work with the energy of the inner child by harnessing with intention, the guidance, clarity and understandings already set with Symone.  Sound Therapy will support you in moving through the resistance of change, help embrace and live life more fearlessly.  

The expereince can be deeply relaxing and supports the body by triggering  that innate self-healing potential we all possess and may propel you forward with greater intuitive insights.

Gongs have a way of realigning and moving you forward in a balancing and harmonising way.  Guided meditation to actualise intentions and goals identified will be included.

This profound healing modality has the ability to bypass the thinking left brain mind and just get straight to the point on an energetic and cellular level putting the body into a more receptive state for changes to take place.  

Who is this workshop for

  • Adults that feels they may benefit from reconnecting with that child-like state of creativity and playfulness
  • Overcoming self limiting beliefs developed as adults stemming from child hood experiences
  • Understanding emotional blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward in life
  • Understanding patterns and behaviours linked to childhood experiences.
  • Re-connecting with long lost dreams, desires and potentials
  • Embracing love of self with compassion, understanding and appreciation

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