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One-2-One Sessions

One to One sessions

Initially I suggest a minimum of 4 sessions to begin to see real change. Each session is 90 mins. Booking is in advance.

Package one – Intense clearing high frequency work. 4 sessions.
There is an energy check before and after each session and I always make a plan after feedback for the following weeks session. I will offer tools and resources to support you in between sessions – sound specific and exercises where appropriate and mantras. Recorded visualisations and sound therapy recordings specific to your needs may also be suggested/given.

Session one – We discuss your initial concerns and goals. Session one will include an initial treatment to deal with any immediate and urgent issues and put in place a plan of action to follow on from session one. Guidance is given and may include specific exercises as explained above.

Session two – Includes the implementation of the planned treatment from session one. This is adaptable according to any changes experienced and feedback from the last session. Further guidance is given and may include specific exercises as explained above to do until the next session.

Session three – A review of where we are with feedback from last week and a review of the the shifts made from the initial consultation in session one. We go deeper. Based on this the planned treatment will follow with any adaptiatons included. Further guidance is given and may include specific exercises as explained above to do until the next session.

Session four – The review from last week will decide this final treatment that would have been planned in-between sessions. The treatment plan will be adapted following feedback and guidance and suggestions given as to the next steps. A final review will be requested a week later.

Package costs – £320.  Instalments available 

What next? You can continue with me after this period depending on what you are are trying to achieve or you can simply follow through with a maintenance programme as outlined below.

Package two – Maintenance programme.
Ongoing and regular tune-ups. Stabilising and balancing and supports the body in being able to continually trigger its own healing responses.
Can be anything you wish to focus on. E.g. Simple stress solutions, meditation, managing stress and anxiety levels and breathing.

Great for regular maintenance of the body and can be seen as `tune-ups’ of the body using sound

This can be undertaken anytime and can be monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. You can always return fro more intensive treatment at anytime and you can email me at anytime if you’ve any queries.

Paid as one treatment in advance £60 per session (60 minutes)

One-to-One Gong bath. click below to view

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