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Lets get clear

We live in a world that seems to be changing at the speed of knots, and with no time to stand still and do the simplest of things like breath properly.  And so you also have whats known as `Monkey Mind' - that is, racing thoughts that you simply can't shut down from,  you overthink, feel overwhelmed.  All which may lead to fatigue, tiredness and stress, and a whole host of other associated health issues.  

Now what?  Firstly I find it helpful in simply looking at what each term means (get clear) so that we can at least then look at things we can change to begin with.

What does having stillness, clarity and peace of mind mean do you?  These are the words I (so far) have come across the most from clients (aside from feeling stressed and experiencing pain and anxiety) that are most familiar.  So what does it all mean to you.....


In mental terms, it's the absence of sound or noise, a quietness, silence and soundlessness.

In physical terms, it the absence of motion or disturbance: a calmness, peacefulness, quietness, serenity and tranquillity.


Peace too, in mental terms, is given as the absence of mental stress or anxiety and also crosses with stillness as if you the two co-exist. It's a quietness and a state or space of tranquility.

And, in physical terms, it is the absence of war


Clarity in dictionary terms is a state being coherent and intelligible.  Also described as experiencing a clearness, crispness or precision of thought.  It's like a heightened sense of awareness where fogginess has been replaced with clear thought and sharpness, a greater level of intuition and speed of thought.

Anything ring true for you?  Perhaps its time to take action and take back control!

Meanwhile, just remember that whatever you tell yourself, eventually you will believe it along with the pictures that you form in your head.  Change what you tell yourself, what you want to hear along with the pictures in your head.  Take a moment, close your eyes - See peace, stillness and clarity, now feel it all.  Can't do this?  Take an imaginary lemon in your hand, bite into it - mouth watering yet?See! Everyone has the capacity to visualise and change their perception of reality. The trick is to feel it all.  

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